NOVA Divorce Mediation

Nonjudgmental, cooperative, confidential and affordable path to divorce

McLean, Virginia
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Divorce Mediation works because:

  • It is non-confrontational and cooperative
  • It requires only a small investment of energy, time and money
  • There is no coercion
  • It is fair to both parties
  • It is impartial and nonjudgmental
  • It results in an uncontested divorce

Divorce Mediation may not be a good option if any of the following apply:

  • When physical or emotional abuse is present
  • If there is an active restraining order or protective order in place
  • If one spouse is unable to fully participate in the process and advocate for themselves

What Divorce Mediation Entails

Divorce mediation is conducted in a private office setting where you meet for hourly sessions with your mediator. You will work together on an agreement that will satisfy the terms of the court where you plan to file for your divorce.

Once you decide to explore Divorce Mediation, the process is as follows:

For a free consult, contact Toni Coleman at or at 703-847-1768. All emails and calls will be held in the strictest confidence. This page is for information on our divorce mediation services and should not be construed as legal advice.